VONYX VPS102A 10 Inch Active Bluetooth Disco Speakers DJ PA System 600W with Stands

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The VPS102A is a complete plug & play set, ready to start your party. The set contains a pair of 10″ speakers, a passive and an active model.
The active model houses the amplifier which has a built-in USB/SD player and Bluetooth wireless technology to stream your music wirelessly from your smartphone or tablet. Both speakers have a blue LED ring around the woofer to colourize and illuminate your party. The LED lights illuminate with ‘sound to light’ when sound signal is passed through the speakers, the drivers will light up. Completing the kit is a wired microphone for karaoke or presentation purposes.

600W speaker set with stands
Incredibly simple to set-up and use
Built-in USB player with display
Using bluetooth wireless technology for audio streaming
2 Microphone inputs (6.3mm Jack)
Including remote control
Including wired microphone
Including speaker stands and cable

Input Connections: 6.3 mm jack, RCA, SD Card slot, USB
Output Connections: 6.3 mm jack
Output power:Max: 600W
Diameter woofer: 10 inch
Magnet weight: 13 oz
Power Supply: 100-240VAC 50/60Hz
Power consumption: 0.6 – 0.3A
Dimensions (L x W x H): 260 x 310 x 495
Weight (kg): 11.7

A complete set with two speakers, stands, cables, remote control and a handheld microphone so that everything is ready for use in no time immediately upon receipt. Connecting just two cables is all it takes to use this set.
With the VPS102A, the amplifier is in one of the two speakers (this is the active speaker). The other speaker (passive speaker) is connected to the active speaker with the supplied 4-meter speaker cable, after which only the power cable needs to be connected to use the set.
There are several options for the input of music, including Bluetooth. Another wireless solution is the internal MP3 media player. Simply connect a USB stick or SD card with MP3 music to the active speaker and it will play the music for you. Stay in control with the included remote control.
Both speakers of the VPS102A are equipped with blue LED rings. As soon as the music is set at a higher volume and what is clearly going to happen, the LED rings come to life. The LEDs respond to the rhythm of the music and can also be switched off if desired.
The Vonyx VPS102A is a must have for the starting DJ or singer. It is also great for neighborhood or sports clubs, schools that are looking for a small sound system. The VPS102A is ideal because of the complete delivery. In addition, the set can be quickly connected and stored just as quickly.


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